Journal "International Education Trend Issues"  E-ISSN: 2963-0878 Education eliminates poverty and hunger, improving lives. This is one of the main reasons parents push their kids to stay in school. It's why governments try to make education easy for kids and adults. In a dynamic world, research is very important to be carried out to find solutions. International Education Trend Issues; It is an international journal that aims to publish research results on educational issues around the world, and aims to provide solutions to educational problems.

International education is facing various challenges and trends that are affecting the way students receive their education and the way institutions provide it. These include globalization and mobility, technology and online learning, cost and accessibility, student safety and security, diversity and inclusion, and cultural, linguistic, and other differences in curricula and support services. These issues and trends continue to evolve as the field develops and changes.

We are committed to the rise of scientific research publication violations, the International Education Trend Issues journals do not accept articles that commit scientific violations. Meanwhile, if it is known that the published article violates scientific principles. We ensure that it will not be published and withdrawn from circulation.

The International Education Trend Issues statement of rules is based on the COPE Best Practice Guide for Journal Editors and ANJANI (Anjungan Integritas Akademik Indonesia) from Indonesia. We support clear and open research and avoid conflicts of interest.

This journal does not provide fast track reviews, we are committed to maintaining quality. The article period is processed no later than 4 weeks from submission to publication. Authors who are eager to obtain the outcomes of their review can effortlessly reach out by dialing the provided contact number. Whether it be to inquire about the status of their manuscript, gather feedback, or discuss potential revisions, this designated point of contact ensures an open channel for communication. By facilitating direct engagement between authors and reviewers, the system aims to foster a collaborative and efficient process that ultimately benefits the publication of high-quality research.


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