• International Journal of Business, Law, and Education

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    International Journal of Business, Law, and Education; is a reputable journal that publishes reputable articles. The International Journal of Business, Law, and Education has a good intention to publish research, both secondary and primary data, with a clear and adequate research paradigm. We invite researchers and experts to publish their best work, which is more substantial for the sake of life. With reliable and robust research methods. We believe you will do work on your writing to contribute to civilization. We support the International Journal of Business, Law, and Education's publishing facilities, Grammarly premium readability checks, and Turnitin plagiarism checks. The International Journal of Business, Law, and Education values papers of high quality and significance. The International Journal of Business, Law and Education disseminates information on Business, Law, and Education that is beneficial to academics, educators, researchers, managers, practitioners, policymakers, consumers, and other global stakeholders.

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  • International Education Trend Issues

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    The International Education Trend Issues journal seeks to disseminate research findings on global educational issues and offer viable solutions to educational challenges. The field of international education is currently facing diverse challenges and trends that are exerting an impact on both the delivery of education to students and the provision of educational services by institutions. These factors include globalization and mobility, technology and online learning, cost and accessibility, student safety and security, diversity and inclusion, and cultural, linguistic, and other differences in curricula and support services. Research is of utmost importance to identify and implement effective solutions.

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    "PERFECT EDUCATION FAIRY is a multidisciplinary journal with a special focus and dedication to the field of social culture. With ISSN 3024-8183, this journal strives to have a high reputation in the academic world and has become a significant contributor in the dissemination of knowledge and understanding in various social and cultural disciplines. The authors who contribute to this journal come from leading academics and researchers from all over the world, who present in-depth insights in their respective fields.
    With a strict selection process and reviews by experts in various fields, the PERFECT EDUCATION FAIRY journal ensures that every article published is original work and of high quality. The journal provides a platform for researchers to share their findings with the scientific community, encourages cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration, and promotes innovative interdisciplinary research in the socio-cultural field.
    "Perfect Education Fairy"! We are an ISSN 3024-8183 socio-cultural journal with high editorial standards, which provides a forum for the latest research and findings in various social and cultural aspects. Join our dynamic community and gain access to innovative thinking and the latest solutions in the social and cultural world. "Perfect Education Fairy" - Exploring science, making dreams come true!

    Focus and Scope.

    • Socio-cultural

    • Social Sciences

    • Cultural Sciences

    • Global Learning Crisis

    • Innovative Solutions

    • High-Quality Education

    • Empowering Students

    • Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

    • Technology in Education

    • Revolutionizing Teaching and Learning

    • Management;

    • Accounting

    • Human Resources

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