• International Education Trend Issues

    The International Education Trend Issues journal seeks to disseminate research findings on global educational issues and offer viable solutions to educational challenges. The field of international education is currently facing diverse challenges and trends that are exerting an impact on both the delivery of education to students and the provision of educational services by institutions. These factors include globalization and mobility, technology and online learning, cost and accessibility, student safety and security, diversity and inclusion, and cultural, linguistic, and other differences in curricula and support services. Research is of utmost importance to identify and implement effective solutions.

  • International Journal of Business, Law, and Education

    International Journal of Business, Law, and Education; is a reputable journal that publishes reputable articles. The International Journal of Business, Law, and Education has a good intention to publish research, both secondary and primary data, with a clear and adequate research paradigm.

    We invite researchers and experts to publish their best work, which is more substantial for the sake of life. With reliable and robust research methods. We believe you will do work on your writing to contribute to civilization.

    We support the International Journal of Business, Law, and Education's publishing facilities, Grammarly premium readability checks, and Turnitin plagiarism checks. The International Journal of Business, Law, and Education values papers of high quality and significance. The International Journal of Business, Law and Education disseminates information on Business, Law, and Education that is beneficial to academics, educators, researchers, managers, practitioners, policymakers, consumers, and other global stakeholders.


  • PT. Batari Edu Calya

    Publishers Batari Edu Calya website: Limited company that has been registered as a legal entity and registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Registration Certificate Number : AHU-053814.I am 01.30.The year 2022 with the Number of Compulsory Tax Trees (NPWP): 61.902.974.7-402.000. which describes its business activities among others.
    Book publishing (58110) : This group includes the activities of publishing books in printed, electronic form (CD, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.), audio or on the Internet. His activities include publishing books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including publishing dictionaries and encyclopedias, publishing atlass, maps and graphics, publication of books in the form of audio and publication encyclopedia and others in CD-ROM and other publications. Including its electronic publication.