Plagiarism Screening

In publishing, the International Education Trend Issue  is firmly against any case of plagiarism on its own merits. International Education Trend Issue  commits to deterring plagiarism, including self-plagiarism.

The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works and if the authors have used the work and words of others that this has been appropriately cited or quoted. Papers found with such problems are automatically rejected, and authors are advised. Also, significant parts of the work have not been published.

Before the author submits the manuscript to the International Education Trend Issue , please at least check first by using a plagiarism checker. When submitting a published article for an originality check, the International Education Trend Issue  recommends using Turnitin Plagiarism Scanner from It is a free and easy-to-use step-by-step process. The similarity rate allowed in the International Education Trend Issue ) is a maximum of 15 percent. Before using Turnitin for the first time, we highly recommend that the author reads the instruction to use this plagiarism detector.

To maintain the quality of publications of the International Education Trend Issue , we use a plagiarism scan using turnitin owned by the International Education Trend Issue .
Meanwhile, to maintain the legibility of scientific words using the Grammarly application which is owned by the International Education Trend Issue .

Turnitin and Grammarly applications are provided by the International Education Trend Issue  and authors are required to follow the journal requirements. This is done to maintain the publication and credibility of the author